Care to Comment?

I'm so excited that enough people actually enjoy my dithering posts writing that I'm starting to get comments from people I don't know in real life!  Please, keep the comments coming!  I don't want this post to seem like I don't want people weighing in on what I'm passionate about at the moment.  It's quite the contrary. 

What I do want to do in this post is to simply warn you all that I'm not adverse to rejecting comments that I don't feel are appropriate for this blog.  Don't be offended if your comment is rejected.  It's nothing personal, it's just that your comment didn't fit the general mood I'm trying to set around here. It's rare that I reject a comment.  Most get approved.  But I figured I'd take a moment to clarify what sorts of comments will get rejected.

  • Foul or graphic language.  If I blush when I read it, it's getting axed.  If you have to wonder if it'll make me blush or not, go with "better safe than sorry."  I think gratuitous swearing is rude, pointless and makes the speaker sound foolish.  I'll reject these comments both for myself and the other readers, and to help maintain the dignity of the commenter.
  • Self-promotion. Please feel free to add your link to the information with name, etc after the comment.  I don't mind that at all.  In fact, I encourage it.  I think it adds a sense of community. The sort of self-promotion that will get rejected is something like, "Great post!  Hey, I'm having a giveaway!  Come check it out and send all your readers!"  You know, the kind where the commenter wasn't really commenting because they liked the post.  They just commented to tell people about whatever is going on over at their blog.  It may be obvious from my formatting (or lack thereof) on this blog that I'm not in this for the internet fame.  I write for myself.  Sometimes I write things that other people like enough to publish in magazines.  Someday I'd like to write something someone likes enough that they'll let me write a whole book.  But I don't write so people will know who I am or so I'll have more followers than other blogs, etc.  While I sometimes do reviews of things, I don't really make money off this blog.  Sometimes I get a free book or item or a few bucks, but that's it.  So unless I specifically ask people what giveaways/events/etc are going on right now, keep it out of the comments. 
    • Just for the record, I have no problem with blogs that operate like that.  It's just not me or why I'm here.
  • Mean comments. I don't mind disagreement.  I think it's important.  That said, keep it nice.  I have kids and I sometimes mention things like childbirth or breastfeeding.  I talk about religious stuff.  When I have an opinion on a book or movie that I feel moved to share, it's probably going to be a strong one.  These are all things that in real life, let alone on the depersonalizing internet, can start heated discussions. Just play nice and don't say anything nasty about anyone ("Only an idiot would do/say/think/believe that" or some other such resort to basic schoolyard bickering.) If you say something I'd have to scold my children for saying to a sibling, the comment will not make it to publication.
I think that covers the big reasons I would reject a comment.  Don't be rude, don't be a walking advertisement and don't be mean. Oh, and I have on occasion posted a post that was deeply personal or sensitive for some reason or another and I just disallowed all comments.  That's very, very rare, but I will do that if I don't want people weighing in on a post.  Otherwise, please speak up!