Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Musical Meditation: Psalm 5

I was fully planning on singing a popular version of Psalm 51 tonight at our Lenten prayer service. I'd practiced it on the guitar and everything. But for some reason, even though it is a Psalm we're spending a great deal of time with at my church this Lent, it just didn't feel right.

This morning, I was reading the daily lectionary and one of the morning Psalms was Psalm 5. It immediately grabbed me and shook me and wouldn't let go. I had my guitar handy, so I set it to music. I have never been this improvisational before in regards to something like special music, but there you have it. I sang Psalm 5 as the special music tonight and this is the song that was born. Just wanted to share since it's an appropriate Lenten Psalm.

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