Saturday, November 23, 2013

Marriage Changes You

This New Year, my husband and I will have been dating for 10 years. We'll be celebrating out 10th wedding anniversary this coming July. It's incredible to look back and think how we've changed. I mean. . . for starters. . .

We're so young in that picture, we're the age of most of my classmates.

Like. . . so young. . .

That little kid? She's 13 1/2 now. Yikes.

And you know, 10 years ago, my husband swore he'd never wear flip-flops. Nope. Not ever. His poor feet were just too tender, you see. He didn't even like looking at my feet when I wore them because he hated them so much. But I love flip flops. Shoes are just impractical for so much of life. And you know what? A few years back, he started wearing them. He decided to try a pair and see what all the hype was about. He wears nothing but flip-flops when he's not at work in the summer. Because I was right.

I've changed too. He was determined to turn me into an active person and just today I teased him for needing an ice bath after his 3 mile run because dude. I ran 8 and I'm fine. Seriously? An ice bath?

I think one of the most significant changes was noticed this morning. It's no secret that I am a coffee drinker. Tim has never had a problem with my. . . uh. . . affinity for coffee. In fact, he learned early on that it's best to just let me have my morning coffee in peace because nobody wants to be in the same room as me if coffee hasn't happened. But he swore it was like drinking antifreeze and he'd never drink it. This morning. . . I caught him. When I returned from my 8 miler this morning (and didn't need an ice bath, thank you very much), he was drinking a large cup of coffee. The best part of it is that it wasn't just my leftovers from earlier. He had wanted a cup of coffee enough to grind his own beans, heat the water and use the french press. (Lest you be too impressed, he used WAY too much coffee and it was caffeinated sludge.) We had a talk about how much coffee you actually have to put in the french press and then he requested I order a lighter, smoother roast next time I order coffee beans. Because. . . I was right. Life is better when coffee's involved.

I mean. . . marriage changes you. . .

Usually for the best. . .

Because I was right.

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