Sunday, November 17, 2013


I have a bit of a midwestern drawl. You know. . . because I grew up in the midwest and all. For the most part I've overcome this. I've spent years carefully unlearning my midwestern accent. With the exception of a few words and when I'm tired, I've been pretty successful. There are, however, two words that will forever plague me.



If you are from the midwest and you read those out loud, the vowel sound probably sounded more like that in "woof" than in "boot." For some reason, every time I say one of these words, I still to this day have to stop, think about the word, and purposefully say, "rooooooot." Which sounds weird, but less weird than the other way. And people understand what I'm saying.

I have purposefully never used either of those words in a sermon because I sound like a goober saying them.

Sadly, my children are developing a Pittsburgh accent. Today, my 7 year old was drawing on her placemat at lunch. She said to her brother, "Hey! Guess what I'm drawling." My reaction was to shudder because there is no "l" in "draw," for Pete's sake. My husband's reaction was to mock both of us with a clever (yes, I'm willing to admit that it was clever) pun.

"Hey! Gloria! Guess what I'm drawling: roof roof! (in which "roof" rhymed like "woof)"

Of course, the kids had no idea what in the blazes he was talking about. I knew exactly what he was doing and was less than amused while he was nearly in tears laughing at himself.

Sigh. Someday I'm going to have to preach on the story of the paralytic being lowered down through the roof. I'd better get to work practicing that stupid word.

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