Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Off Switch on my Brain

It's time for me to be honest.  I didn't even  make it a week.

I watched an episode of Supernatural yesterday.

Let me defend myself for a moment. . .

I cleaned my first floor yesterday.  Not just stuff crammed somewhere out of sight cleaned,  but massive VVA donation and bags and bags of trash cleaned. I plan on hitting the second floor today.

At lunch yesterday, I just wanted to sit down and tune out for some downtime. I had done my devotions. I'd prayed. I'd worked out. I'd read. I wanted to shut my brain off for 44 minutes while I ate. So I did.

It's a flimsy defense, but I'm sticking to it because either way, I think I learned something. It's interesting why I've been craving TV. It's not because it's edifying or anything. I turn it on because I want to kill time or I want to shut my brain off. It's simply something  mindless to do.

Poignant revelation of the century it's not, but it's worth thinking on a little further. Why do I need to shut my brain off? Where is the overload in other parts of my life that is causing this deep desire to go mindless for 44 minutes? Can I simplify something else so that I don't have that feeling of total mental exhaustion?

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