Thursday, August 01, 2013

Parrots in my Car

I took the kids out for a few errands today.  One of these (as is at least one stop in every errand run) was at Target. The kids had been really good today and while camping earlier in the week and I wanted to buy (literally) a little bit of peace for the afternoon. I very uncharacteristically let them each pick out a new toy. I even went so far as to let them open said toys in the car (this is the definition of decadence in my house). Usually when new toys are being opened in our home, my husband goes on a 20+ minute rant about the excess of packaging and how irritating it is. He hates the hassle of trying to clip 467 tiny zip ties and don't get him started on the plastic things they sew into Barbie Doll hair. What I hate are the ecological and economical implications of the crazy excess packaging. I know. . . shrinkage prevention, harder for shoplifters, yada yada blah blah whatever. Most of it's fluff to make the toy look more appealing on the shelf. Plain and simple. It's marketing.

Aaaaaaaaanyway. Little ears have been listening. As I was talking to my big kid in the front seat, the little ones began tearing into their new toys. And, I suppose because Daddy wasn't in the car to start the rant, they began to show just how carefully children listen.

7 year old: Good grief! Do they need to SEW the horse's tail to the stinking box!? Seriously, what the heck?

5 year old: Trees died to make all this stuff they got my Smurf all stuck in.

7: I know! It's ridiculous. It's not like we have unlimited boxes on the earth.

5: And my Smurf is so stuck! This is stupid. I'm going to need Daddy's saw to get it out. Mom! Can I use the saw?

(Me: No.)

7: Where do they get all this plastic anyway? They could make another horse out of it.

5: First of all, who's going to steal a Smurf? Little kids? We don't do that.

7: Even the people who buy it can't get into it!

It went on like that the whole way home. Two little kids ranting like an irritated 35 year old father on Christmas morning.  It was hilarious. I'm still giggling. And I guarantee the next time my husband starts ranting about toy packaging (which will probably be tonight after he reads this blog post), I will not be able to listen to him with a straight face.

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  1. As Pastor Rock would say- more is caught than taught! Thanks for a good laugh!