Friday, August 30, 2013

Confessions of a TV Addict

This year, the small group Bible study I attend has been working through a great collection of "classic" Christian writings. Devotional Classics by Richard Foster is a great book and I'm actually using it as the curriculum for an adult Sunday school class at church as well. It's worth having on your shelf whether you're working through it with a group or alone. In my small group, we've been taking turns leading each section of the book. It's broken into sections that cover different schools of thinking in Christian disciplines: the social justice tradition, the charismatic tradition, etc. I have been leading the current section which is the holiness tradition. It's the section that has Calvin in it and I'm the only Presbyterian in the group is basically how that went down.

Aaaaaanywho. . . Recently we read the selection on Thomas a Kempis. It talks alot about distraction and how we can see where our heart is based on where our time is spent. Several of us felt convicted (either from that specific reading or as a culmination of them all) about the amount of time we spend watching TV or playing video games.  So some yahoo came up with the genius idea to take a break, as a group, from TV and video games for the month of September. (Well, from the closest Thursday to the beginning of September to the closest one to the end.) The others say I'm the yahoo who thought of that stupid idea, but in retrospect I don't know what would have possessed me to suggest something that ludicrous. The really terrible part is that everyone else actually agreed to it.

I take that back. The REALLY terrible part is the part where I finished the ordination exams on Wednesday and I have no classes until the 9th and the kids are back in school. . . sooooooo. . . I actually have a week and a half off.

Without TV.

I'm ok with taking Candy Crush off my phone for now. . . but I was just into the really good part of season 2 of Supernatural.

And I'm off all week. Did I mention the kids are back in school? Well, the oldest is technically home because she's in cyber school, but she's surprised me with her sudden work ethic and it's been a pretty easy transition.

The first day of no TV was. . . well. . . today. And I'm bored. I can't focus on anything and I don't have the energy to clean the house because I'm still crashing from ords and whose stupid idea was this in the first place?

Forget that last question.

I certainly hope my dear small group sisters are faring better than I today. I haven't cheated yet, but it's been really hard.

I hope I learn something this month.

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