Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Mystery Illness

I thought it was about time to update those of you who are following little Clark's saga and praying for him.

Miraculously, the little guy is bouncing back from this bout of whatever it is.  Right now, the vets (there are several involved now) still have no idea what's going on.  The top working theories right now are that it has to do with his smallish liver (the only thing that showed up in any of the testing as remotely abnormal) or it's a neurological thing.

Well, you say. . . he doesn't have a disease.  Don't you feel silly for being so angry about the way you thought he was treated in his last home?

Nope. If he had been well cared for and had appropriate veterinary care, someone would have noticed something was off about this kitty. We noticed it within a day or two of having him and immediately had our vet in. The first bout was just not nearly as severe as this second one.

Aaaaaanyway, he's doing better now. He was chasing the dog yesterday and launching himself at Levi to steal food the day before that. Now we just have to figure out what's causing the mystery illness that the vets can't figure out.  They have tested nearly everything under the sun and nothing comes up unusual.

So, he's doing OK for now and we're hoping we can get this under control with diet and regular medications.  We just have to figure out what sort of medications those would be and what type of diet.

Clark "helping" me type

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