Monday, March 04, 2013

You've Come a Long Way, Baby

So. . . the other day I was focused on the anniversary of Pepper's death. I was so reflective and somber about that I totally forgot another anniversary.

10 years ago I walked out of my abusive marriage.

My account of that can be found here.

When I realized today that I'd let the 10 year marker of that come and go without a single glance, it occurred to me that it was fitting. I have come so far in those 10 years that it didn't even occur to me to remember that moment the other day. I suppose that's a sign of healing. I've stopped counting the years and the days.

Since that day I left, I have:
  • Finished college
  • Reunited with my real soul-mate and started a good, healthy family
  • Bought a house
  • Helped two other women out of unfixable abusive situations
  • Counseled many teen girls about abuse and self-respect
  • Explored being a professional artist
  • Realized that I am a really capable person
  • Run a full marathon (3 half marathons, several 10ks and alot of 5ks, not to mention registered for two more upcoming half marathons and another full)'
  • Discovered that God made me someone extraordinary and simply fabulous
  • Gotten halfway through seminary in record time for a mother of three
  • More other stuff than I can count
I'm not saying I did all that on my own power, just for the record.  It's quite the opposite. I'm pretty surprised when I look at the past ten years and all the things that have happened. God was in it. God was on it.  He was all over it and in charge.

It's funny,though.  When I left, my abuser said I'd never amount to anything without him. I was too stupid, too weak, not pretty enough.

Seems he was wrong about that.

It wasn't him I needed. I needed God and I just needed to realize that's all I need.

If anyone ever tells you you'll never amount to anything without them. . . do yourself a favor. . . take them up on the challenge.  Walk out the door and don't look back while you prove them wrong. 

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