Thursday, March 28, 2013

Take it Seriously, People

So, while our kitten's body is not completely shutting down right now, he's still not out of the woods.  We don't know yet exactly what's going on with him.  We have to wait until we can get some more bloodwork done. Whatever it is, it's probably a result of being in the shelter twice and spending his first few months as a stray with no medical care.

I'm really irritated.  And "irritated" is putting it nicely.

I'm irritated with whomever it was that should have spayed their cat and didn't, resulting in at least one homeless kitten. There were probably more in his litter that weren't as lucky- or who were luckier, depending on how cynical you're feeling.  I personally am feeling pretty cynical right now, so feel free to join me in that cynicism.

I'm irritated with the guy who adopted that homeless kitten and several months later either took him back to the shelter knowing he had medical issues that he didn't tell them about (his surrender reason was a real cop-out: "moving"), took back a kitten (for a lame reason) who he didn't know was sick because he didn't have appropriate veterinary care or took back that healthy kitten who then got seriously sick as a result of being back in the shelter. No matter how that played out, it was irresponsible and selfish.

Here is the deal: if you plan to adopt, buy or otherwise take in an animal, seriously consider if you are able to make a long-term commitment to that animal. 

  • Are you prepared to stay in your current home and/or only move into places that will accept your pet? 
  • Are you prepared and able to shell out the time, inconvenience and money for appropriate veterinary care? 
  • Are you willing to take care of an ailing animal should they get sick? 
  • Are you going to have that pet spade or neutered? 
  • Are you willing to do all of those things for up to 17 more years (or have a family member willing to take over for you if you can't)? 
If you are not willing to do ALL of those things, GET A GOLDFISH. If you cannot or will not do those things or you are in such an unstable circumstance that you just don't know, you are doing that animal a disservice. You are being selfish.

If you think not being willing to do ALL those things won't hurt anyone, think again.  This kitten is hurting ALOT and is very probably terminally ill because someone (probably several someones) didn't take it seriously.  

So it's just a cat, you say? Come on over and look into the eyes of my children and tell them that.  Explain to my 4 year old why his kitten can't play with him right now, but it's just a cat.  Tell my 6 year old why it's not a big deal if her beloved cat dies before he turns 2 years old. Sit down and try to convince my 12 year old that we can just get another cat when this one dies, so stop worrying.  I mean, there are stray cats all over the place. 

Go ahead.  Make excuses for not doing those things.  All they are is excuses. Stop it. Stop making excuses for being irresponsible.

Now, excuse me while I go hug all of my spoiled rotten (spayed and neutered) animals who I plan on loving and taking care of no matter how old and sick they get.

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