Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Things One Can Expect to Learn in Seminary Field Education: Ash Wednesday Edition

In case you are all wondering what exactly it is I do at my field education placement, it's basically follow the pastor around like a shadow and help with things like Ash Wednesday services.  In the process, I learn deep theological lessons that will help to make me a better pastor someday in the frighteningly near future.

I learned a few of these valuable lessons about pastor-hood tonight:

  • Leave your big shawl/scarf/wrap in the office.  It's going to get hopelessly tangled in your wireless microphone cord.
  • Bribing your kids to behave works.  Mostly. 
  • Always do a thorough sweep of the pulpit area before leaving the building, lest you drive all the way home at 8pm only to realize you've left your iPad under one of the chairs. . . the night before you're off for a week.
  • A cream colored sweater on Ash Wednesday is probably a stupid choice.

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