Monday, February 04, 2013

It's that time of year again!

Remember how every spring I start to bug people for donations because I run the Pittsburgh Marathon as a charity runner for the Pittsburgh Promise?  May is not too far down the pike at this point, so it's time to start drumming up support for my charity! And this year, it's not just me.  That's right!  I have company!  I'll be running not only the half marathon on Sunday, but Saturday, the girls will be running the 5K with me!  My sister and Uncle Dave are also running with us and Levi is running the kid's marathon 1 miler.

Here's the deal: Every year, I dedicate mileage in honor of my donors or in honor or memory of people they'd like to dedicate mileage to. This year, with the three of us running the 5K and me running the half marathon the next day, as well as Levi's mile, we're running a total of 23.4 miles on race weekend! 

I've pledged to raise $550 dollars this year. For every $25 you donate, you can select to have a mile of my 16.2 miles dedicated to yourself or a loved one or a mile of one of the girls' 5K. (The girl's 5K mileage will go fast!) It's $15 for a half mile and $8 for a quarter mile.  (If you donate a mile and you want to split it half to each of the girls or whatever, just let me know.) The first person to donate $25 dollars and call Levi's mile gets it. I have a feeling that will be a hot commodity! Can you believe that kid is 4 1/2?

You can keep track of the goal on my sidebar and I assure you I'll be a giant pain in the butt until I meet my goal.  I think most years people donate money just to shut me up.  I'm ok with that.

I believe in the mission of the Pittsburgh Promise because I have three kids in Pittsburgh Public Schools and I want to see them all go to college!

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