Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The Wonderful Thing About Having a Family

  When you have spent most of your life as a shelter kitty and the few months before that living on the streets, there are a few things to learn when you finally find a family. Clark is really sweet and outgoing by nature, but he's still learning the ropes around here.

1. Stairs are not the enemy. There are wonderful things at the tops and bottoms of staircases - things like freshly folded laundry.

2. Bathtubs are interesting unless there a children in them. When the are children in the tub, there is a risk of getting wet and that is not fun.
3. Dogs can be great friends.

4. That old cat is grouchy. But he'll come around with patience. He gets less grouchy with every encounter.
5. Children can be wonderful, in spite of what those other cats might have said.
6. Having a family is a little overwhelming at first, but it really is wonderful.

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