Monday, December 31, 2012

Ringing in the new year with a new friend

 Dr. Pepper, my very beloved cat passed away in early March this year. If you recall, there was great mourning in our home when we had to say goodbye to him. His littermate, Coca Cola clearly missed him. They had never been separated until Pepper died. The whole sad blog post is here

Anyway,  I remind of that in the hopes to adequately explain the celebration that is happening in our home now that we have found the cat who was looking for us. I always (even when there isn't an opening for a cat in our home) cruise the adoption center at the pet store when I'm there.  Lately, I had almost talked my husband into starting to visit the humane society and having them help us keep an eye out for the right cat. We never got the chance.

I was at the pet store on Friday to get kitty litter and cat food. As usual, I cruised through the adoption center. There, in the corner, was a darling little gray kitty. He had that sad look of a cat who has been in the shelter for too long. His write up said that he was good with kids, dogs and other cats. He was a little smaller than Coca Cola and was just over a year old. He was everything that we would be looking for in a new family member. And his name was Clark - my maiden name.  

Needless to say, I couldn't get the little guy off my mind. I'd nearly talked hubby into going to meet him on Saturday and we got snowed in. By yesterday, hubby was sick sick sick and unwilling to make a trip to the pet store. Finally he agreed. "Take the kids." He said. "If he only tolerates them, it's a no go. If he really likes them, it's up to you." The children and I merrily loaded up in the van to head to the pet store.

As we left the pet store, I called Tim and sadly reported, "Clark did not tolerate the kids."

"I'm sorry, baby. I know you thought he was the one. . ."

I interrupted, "he LOVED the kids!"

"So you're saying we have two cats again?"


His official reaction to the new cat is this: 

They are a match made in heaven.

Clark was at the shelter for nine months. He was five months old when he first arrived there. He's never known a real home. He has much to learn. He doesn't know the sound of a cat food can popping open. Stairs and knitting mystify him. He is a bit overwhelmed by how big the house is. But, he's a snuggler. He slept on Tim's pillow last night. He genuinely likes the kids and the dog. He wants to be friends with Coke and I have a feeling he will be once the grouchy old guy is done asserting his position as top cat in the house. 

I wonder how a cat like this gets stuck at the shelter for so long. This is one darling little animal. Clark got a forever home for Christmas this year.  There is nothing like ringing in the new year with a family who loves you after waiting months for them. Thanks to the Western PA Humane Society for helping us find another fabulous family member!

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