Monday, December 31, 2012

Getting the New Cat Clark

Today, I asked my oldest daughter to write a guest blog post about getting our new cat, Clark. It's kind of fun to see the adventure through her eyes.  I hope you enjoy!

Getting the new cat, Clark
We all were super excited to go see Clark that we almost forgot that if he didn’t like us he wasn’t coming home. It was hard not to give him love while we met him. He came right to the bars of his cage when he saw us. We ran right up to him.
He is so playful. He is 1 year and 2 months. He spent most of his life in a shelter. He has a beautiful but strange color to him. When we could get him I could hardly wait for him, I even started jumping. We got all his things and bought them. A manager brought him up and I got to carry him myself!!! He sat on my lap, in a box, the whole way home. I felt special.
When we got home the first animal to smell the box with Clark in it was the dog! I had to catch the other cat, Coca Cola, and as soon as he smelled the box he started hissing like we brought a dragon home. Stupid cat, I still love Coke though! The cats are getting along now. I love Clark so much.
We got Clark from the shelter. The poor handsome baby was there for 9 months. People should adopt more animals. It’s not fair to the cute baby animals like Clark to be stuck there forever. Even the old cats need homes. They all are lovely too - just find one right for your family. We were scared that Clark wouldn’t like us then we wouldn’t be able to get him but he loved us. 

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