Thursday, August 02, 2012

You yell out my name

There I am
Standing on the sidelines
Wondering what you could possibly want with me
I'm too small
I'm too slow
I'm too weak
But you yell out my name anyway

Really, me?
What good am I to you?
What use could someone like me be to you right now?
I'm battle scarred
I'm weary
I'm misfit
But you yell out my name again

Get in here!
I need great warriors
And you can do great things in Him who strengthens you
I'm mighty
I'm able
I'm all things
Don't make me yell your name again

I dive in
Unsure of what comes next
And I realize that you really can use me
I'm stronger
I'm growing
I'm fighting
All because you yelled my name

Here I am
Surprised by who I am
Amazed by the person that you have found in me
I'm honored
I'm humbled
I'm grateful
And I yell out your name in thanks

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