Thursday, July 26, 2012

The World Through the Eyes of a 6 Year-Old

  • "Mommy. . . Arianna and I are best friends. We never let each other's love lights grow dim."
  • "Mommy. . . do we get the Daily Bugle here in Pittsburgh or is that just in New York City?"
  • "Daddy. . . You know of my love of hamburgers. . . this is the same." (While wolfing down an eggroll.)
  • "Mommy. . . Do you think Uncle David knows what's up with this traffic."  I interjected a confused "huh" or something like that- we were at a standstill on route 28. "You know. . . because he's in Heaven looking down on us.  He can probably see what's causing all this stupid traffic."

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