Tuesday, July 17, 2012

City chickens

I dare you to find anything in the world cuter than this.
That is a one day old Australorp. It's a type of chicken.  This particular one is named "Cheeper" because she is our chatty chicken.  Yes. . . our chicken.

Yes. . . we still live in the middle of the city. Chickens are actually legal in the city and are, at least in our neighborhood, becoming pretty popular.  We are at least the third, if not fourth or fifth, family on this block or two stretch to start a flock. Here is our entire tiny flock of puffballs. Clockwise from top left around: Camilla, Shirley, Cheepers and Camilla (the yellow ones- Buff Orpingtons- are identical right now, so they are sharing a name until we can tell them apart.)

A few years ago, my husband started going on about wanting chickens.  I was having no part of it.  We were in the middle of having babies and Lexi was still pretty little.  The last thing I wanted was someone else to take care of.  In theory, chickens were a great idea. In practice, they would be a nightmare.  Now that the kids are old enough to help with them. . . it's a whole different ballgame.  

As you can see, they are incredibly adorable.  We ordered them from mypetchicken.com, a hatchery we will gladly do business with again sometime. The chicks were a great price, even with vaccinations.  All four arrived in good health. . . no respiratory issues or pasting up (yet, anyway). The mailman was a little puzzled when he put the chirping package on the porch this morning.  "Are those snake food or something?"  I assured him that they were going to grow up to be pets. 

They will grow up rapidly, in fact.  I'm going to try to post frequent pictures to chronicle their growth and to blog about our experience with chickens in the city.  It's becoming more and more popular as people want higher quality, chemical-free and ethical food. These chicks will live just about the happiest and most spoiled life any chicken ever had.  We are working to socialize them right from the start so that they will be happy and peaceful around people and tolerant of children.  We've already introduced them to the dog who thinks they are just about the weirdest puppies she's ever seen, but if we say they are part of the pack, well. . . they must be part of the pack.
The cat thanks us for giving him a new "Cat TV." Don't worry.  He's not a hunter. Cats are actually less of a threat to baby chicks than you'd expect and he's the least threatening cat ever to walk the planet. . .
Any city chicken families out there with advice? I'm actually surprised at how excited I am about the peeps (that's the official name now for our band of fluffballs.) I kinda want to just lay on the couch covered in them for a while.  Only they poop and ew. To help express how heartmeltingly cute they are, I present to you a video showing that they already know my voice.  They hear me talk and go straight to the feeder and start peeping at me.
Chickens=awesome.  I rest my case.


  1. You lucky duck! Or chick or whatever. They're so cute. I want to eat them like a snack.

  2. What adorable chicks! Congrats and I hope you enjoy BYC!

  3. love it. thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the day that we will get chicks!

  4. A word of warning from a chicken owner who has been pecked a few too many times- chickens are dumb, and toes in flip-flops look like worms! &: )