Friday, July 20, 2012

Book Review: Historic Synagogues of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley

Historic Synagogues of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley
By Julian H. Preisler

OK, ok.  Those of you who know me are going to call me on this one when you see the author's name.  This is not a book I was asked by the publisher to review.  The author happens to be my step-father.  This doesn't mean the review is biased (OK, maybe just a little biased), but rather means I can speak to the fact that even if the book sucked (which is certainly doesn't), the author is a great guy and is totally worth supporting.

This is not just a pretty coffee table book.  This collection of beautiful shots of synagogues in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas includes a great introductory history of synagogue architecture and the Jewish community in said areas. Well written and carefully put together, these histories are concise and easy to digest.

Each photograph (lovely in person but still quite nice in the Kindle version) includes a short history of the synagogue pictured. Most of the photographs are credited to the author himself. The pictures show a wide range of aesthetics and the great diversity that is found in the architecture of synagogues in the Philadelphia area.

Preisler's love of synagogue architecture shines through in ever page of this book. It is a beautiful piece for anyone with a love of synagogues, history, architecture, or any combination of the aforementioned. This book grew out of one person's love of American synagogues and was adopted into publication by the History Press for its historical value. This is a great addition to any home, both for the educational value and the sheer beauty of it.

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