Wednesday, June 06, 2012

This Post Might Just Floor You

So I'm thinking about summer projects for while I'm off from school and I'm wondering. . . have you ever thought of having any concrete floor resurfacing done? Me either.  We actually have mostly wooden floors, with the exception of our basement.  When the basement flooded recently and we called in the plumber, they suggested having the whole floor sterilized and/or redone.  Does anyone actually do that?  Isn't that what bleach is for?  Whoever last redid (perhaps it's original) our basement floor was awesome.

Seriously, though. Our floors are a mess, what with kids and pets.  I should stock up on cleaning supplies and do a top to bottom of the whole house this summer.  Anyone want to come help?

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  1. Floor issues! Right now we're looking at pulling up the linoleum (at least in the kitchen) and digging through the concrete slab to find the leaking water pipe and fix it. then putting it all back together and we're assuming a new floor. And if that weren't enough concrete floor issue - the slab is cracked and our concrete patio out back has to be de-molded. Not sure how we're going to get any of that done! And we're not getting any help from plumbers on the kitchen issue. And I'm sure there's going to be mold inside the house to clean. I think I hate concrete floors.