Friday, April 06, 2012

Inappropriate Giggle Fits

Warning: This may contain a minor Hunger Games spoiler. But it's hilarious. At least, I think so. Proceed with caution.

Tonight, my sister and I took Lexi and a friend to see The Hunger Games. Near the beginning, there is a scene where the older sister volunteers her life in order to save her sister.  As the tearful, screaming little sister is carried off to go back to their mother, the older sister is dragged off to what is presumed to be her doom.

At that time, I leaned over and sincerely (almost tearfully) whispered to Sarah, "I'd do the same thing."

Without missing a beat, she whispered back, "What?  Scream while they dragged me off to die?"

I was caught so off guard that I collapsed into silent hysterics, which off course sent Sarah into a fit of giggles. We were shaking uncontrollably with silent laughter, trying not to spit/spray/fling popcorn, candy and soda everywhere for somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 minutes. The more we tried to be quiet, the worse it got.  The worse it got, the more embarrassed and annoyed the girls got.  I felt we were in that old Mary Tyler Moore scene.  You know the one:

I felt redeemed when the girls had a similar giggle fit later in the movie when Lexi's vinyl chair was squeaking under her butt.

Maybe you had to be there.

I case you're wondering. . . it's a pretty good movie.

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