Sunday, April 01, 2012

Book Review: Re-Created for Greatness

Re-Created for Greatness: The Quest for the Promised Glory
Evangelist Francis Boafo

Within pages of this book, I was ready to shout, "AMEN!"  I can only imagine that Boafo is a fantastic preacher and if I'm ever given an opportunity, I would love to hear him in person.  While there is some questionable theology in chapter 3 (Hierarchy in the Trinity/The Son is subordinate to the Father), over all, Boafo is working from a solid, or at least widely accepted, foundation.

I cringed a little when he seemed to imply that if you hurry up and repent after a sin there will be no consequence. "Delayed experience of the consequences of our sin, is not an indication we have gotten away with it. It is God's way of giving us time to repent. If we fail to repent, the consequence will eventually catch up with us."  So. . . we can sin all we want as long as we make sure to repent in short order?

That said, grammar is a big deal.  Grammar is a big, big deal.  Even if you're taking sermons and translating them into a book, grammar counts.  Some of my notes on this book include:

  • "You're killing me here, Captain Comma Happy. Note how I used that comma right." Bonus points if you spot the superfluous comma in the piece I quoted above.
  • "This is where your comma should be." I think the commas were just sort of randomly sprinkled about wherever.  It made reading this book exceedingly difficult.
  • "Ack! Numeric agreement, please." 
A good editor would serve this book well.  There are some good points to be gleaned from it if you can find them in the swamp of grammatical errors and there are also some points to be careful of. To be very honest, I will not be recommending this book to anyone.  There are far better books out there with a more solid foundation and a good editor. While I'm certain that Boafo is a great preacher, there is nothing to recommend this book over so many other great works out there. 

I was given a reviewer copy of this book by the fabulous folks over at Booksneeze. I'm not obligated to review the book in any certain light, just to be honest in my review.   

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