Sunday, April 01, 2012

April Fool's Day Fun

I like me a good April Fool's joke.  It's a challenge to find that fine line between, "Yeah, right. Shut up, dork." and totally giving the other person a heart attack or not phasing them at all.  It's a subtle line that one must walk to be both annoying and funny.  Sometimes I hit the mark beautifully, other times not so much.

This year, I contemplated who the perfect victim would be and how to execute a perfect joke. 2012 target: my sister.  This was a risky move, as my sister is coming to visit later in the week and staying in my house for four days. . .

Here is a text I sent to my mom:
I'm bad, but hilarious. Just sent Sarah an April Fool's text: FWD: Crap! I just got an email that your flight is being canceled due to "sudden unforeseen circumstances." They are offering a switch to Wednesday night first come first serve (10:02pm departure) or a credit to a future flight.  This is total BS! Call me!
You are so bad! I'm proud of you!
There was some filler conversation, ending with my statement:
She's either going to tell me I'm an idiot or she's going to freak. 
Some time went on and I got a very calm call from my sister trying to workout details.  When I started cracking up, there was silence on the other end of the phone for a moment and I heard my brother in law yell, "That's not very nice!!!!" Sarah's response?  "You're an idiot."

Mission accomplished!

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