Saturday, March 03, 2012


I'm pretty sure that spring break is an interdimensional wormhole.  I've been sucked into some bizarre and confusing alternate reality in which I only have one cat and all sorts of weird stuff keeps happening.  For example:

  • This reality throws me confusing happenings like an old friend from middle school is moving to Pittsburgh and we can start hanging out again.  Let's keep in mind I went to middle school in Kansas.  My worlds are colliding and it's awesome but disorienting.  Sometimes I have enough trouble trying to remember who I went to school with where. 
  • Trying not to brag too much because I know the economy is crap right now and alot of people are struggling to find and keep work that pays at all, but I'm really proud of my husband because he just got a sizable raise we were not expecting at all. In what reality does that just happen out of the blue?  This one, apparently.
  • In this world, I suddenly think it's a good idea to throw myself a birthday party.  My mom, my mother in law and all my close friends were totally astonished by this. I hate my birthday. I'm still trying to figure out what possessed me to invited 60 of my closest friends and family to swing by for an open house on my birthday to party with us.  What's weirder yet is that while I'm still not sure what made me think it's a good idea is that I STILL think it's a great idea and I'm actually kinda excited about it.  
  • This is a reality in which I text my sister on a wishful whim and invite her to my birthday party and within minutes, all the pieces fall together and we're looking up airfare.  
  • I bought grown-up curtain rods the other day.  Like. . . they have finials. 
I'm either on a parallel Earth or the squirrel factor is at one of its peaks right now.  It does that, you know.  It waxes and wanes with the moon.  

I'll admit that other than the cat thing, I kind of like this dimension.


  1. Baby Sis10:13 AM

    What's a finial? And can I join you in your alternate reality? I don't mind if Mr. Spock has a goatee.