Thursday, March 15, 2012

One of the Posts in Which I Risk Offending People in my Strife to Share Honestly

It all started when I posted a news article on facebook this morning.  This article, in fact.  It sparked a couple comments from the usual culprits, but no big debate and everyone agreed this was about something very bad that happened.  It's clearly an article about a bad thing that has happened because sin broke the world and gender relationships are now all messed up big time. Occasionally, there will be an article I find interesting or angering or  controversial or just plain messed up that I will opt not to share on facebook because I have friends from a wide variety of walks and I don't want to offend anyone.There was one just this morning that I felt like sharing (very political in nature) that I decided against. Imagine my surprise when I got an inbox message asking me to remove the article I did share from my wall.

One of my facebook friends (who is someone I've only ever known tangentially at best) asked that I please keep a certain person who they care about (also a facebook friend) from seeing that link. They eluded to the fact that they were asking because the other person had been a victim of gender-based victimization (presumably rape, based on context of the article). I went through a wide range of reactions and considered several different responses to the message.  

"Who on earth has the balls to ask someone to change the security on or remove a link from their timeline?"

"I've been a victim of gender-based violence and I don't ask people not to talk about women getting beaten up, verbally abused and sexually coerced at home.  In fact, I think it goes on because we try to sweep this kind of stuff under the rug and we need to spend less time tip-toeing and more time shouting out how awful it is!"

"I should just defriend both of them. I hardly know them anyway."

"I should just ignore the message."

"Well, if they don't like what I'm posting, they should defriend ME. It's MY WALL."

About a million other things swam in my head too.  

I'm not writing this post to call to task the person who messaged me- don't get the point of this post confused. I'm writing it to call myself out. 

They had their own reasons for asking what they did and even though I don't know the person well, I respect them very much and did in fact hide the article from my timeline out of that respect.  

And then I thought about it a little more.

And then I deactivated my facebook account.

I know. . . take a moment to process that.  I actually went back and forth from the deactivation page about 15 times before I plunged.  The very fact that I had to go back and forth that many times confirmed to me that I was doing the right thing. 

There is too much chatter and distraction in my life.  

Seriously. . . if facebook is going to cause me to worry about how to handle having a link or not having a link on my wall when what I really should be doing is focusing on stuff like homework, training to be a good pastor, being more disciplined, etc. . . it needs to go.  

The TV in our house has been off for almost a week now.  The cable dohicky broke and nobody noticed for days.  So I canceled it.  And I haven't turned on Hulu or Netflix or anything. I'm not canceling Netflix, for the record.  I have three small children and lots of homework.  I'm not completely stupid. I did uninstall Netflix from my phone, though. 

Aaaaaaanyway.  I'm in freaking seminary and here I am asking God to speak and there's so much chatter and distraction around me that I can only just barely hear him shouting over the din. There I was this afternoon telling my husband how I felt like God was stirring things to say something really big and important to me over the next few weeks or months or however long he wants this season to be and all the while, I was distracted trying to figure out how to respond to someone I hardly know about a situation I don't even understand on a website that adds little to no real value to my life whatsoever. 

And you know what? It's kind of freeing.  Seriously.  Anyone who really cares what's going on in my life can check my blog, or call me.  Why on earth do I need to be in touch with people who wouldn't be able to get in touch with me without facebook? I don't.

I may go back to facebook at some point.  Deactivation isn't forever.  You can always go back.  I don't know if this is seasonal or permanent.  I do know that I'm sort of excited for God to point out other distractions I need to pare down to really hear Him in this season.

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