Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Don't Share Well

EVERY time I make popcorn, I have the following conversation with my husband. . .

Me: I'm making popcorn.  Do you want any?

Hubby: No.  I'm good.

Me: You say no every time and then eat half my popcorn.

Hubby: Well. . .maybe a little.

Me: So I should double the batch?

Hubby: I don't eat that much.

Me: . . .

Hubby: Yeah. Go ahead.

So. . . tonight he threw me for a loop.  He swore up and down he didn't even want a little. So I made a one person batch.

Hubby: That smells good.  Maybe I will have a little bit.

Me: . . .

Hubby: steals a handful of my popcorn

Just for the record, I made him go make his own stinking bowl of popcorn.

1 comment:

  1. drummerg2173:43 PM

    Haha! Stove popped w REAL butter is the best! Made some for a friend a while back as we watched shows, she loved it. Last night she came to take a few things off my hands and said it was too bad I'd already packed that pan! Lol