Saturday, February 11, 2012

When the Doctor Suggests "Termination"

A friend of mine just put up a blog post about a family faced with a decision whether to abort their pregnancy because of a heart defect.  You can read her full post here. The nutshell version is that they just found out the baby they are expecting has a major heart defect and will likely die within a week or so of birth.  The doctor offered termination as an option, along with carrying the baby to term and letting him go in God's time or carrying the baby to term and dong everything medically possible to try and save him. That's a really tough decision.  I know.  I had to make a very similar one about three and a half years ago.  Wow am I glad we decided to do everything medically possible to save our son. I can't imagine life without him.

That's it.  No long rants or opinions today. Just feeling thankful today that we didn't go with "terminating the pregnancy" or "wait and see."  Pretty sure that it won't be long before Levi is thankful for that too.

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