Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You Should Sit Down For This

Sometimes, my son is so adorable, it's almost painful. He has it cranked up really high today, even for him.

  1. In the car earlier, he asked me if he could be "the boy." I asked which boy. "The boy in the song." I asked which song. He said, "You know. . . they singin' 'pumpapumpapumpapum." He wants to be the little drummer boy so he can play music for Jesus. 
  2. Then he started singing, "Yesh, Jeshush Lubs Me."
  3. He pooped on the potty so I gave him root beer. He's never had root beer. His reaction was uncontrolled giggling.  You have to love anyone who is so amused and delighted by root beer that they can't stop giggling.
  4. He just said very loudly, "Ew. I just burped the soda. That was weird."

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