Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yes. I'm still alive.

I haven't been around much lately.  I know.  If you've ever been in grad school, you can probably understand why.  Now add to grad school three children, several illnesses, family crises and a minor car accident.  That's been my last two and a half months.  That said, I think I slogged through that and still managed to pull off a 3.5 GPA, which is the minimum I have to maintain in order to hang onto my sizable scholarship.  If you're wondering how I managed that. . . well. . . coffee.  Lots and lots of it.  My coffee addiction is probably twice as bad now as it was before school started.  I shudder to think what it'll be like by the time I'm finishing up school.  But I digress. It's needless to say, but I'll say it anyway that blogging has been pretty low on my priority list.

I am officially on break for Thanksgiving for a week.  Glorious time!

What just happened here?  Last I checked, it was Labor Day and here we are getting ready for (You have to use your announcer-voice for this) "The Holidays." The breakneck pace at which these classes go is totally insane. Less than three months ago, I could read the Bible in English, German or Spanish- the latter two likely requiring the use of a dictionary.  Today, I can also read large portions of the Old Testament in Hebrew- much of it without a dictionary.  I'm not entirely certain it's humanly possible to learn another language that fast (it took me several years of high school and undergraduate German to get to the sorry competency I'm at currently), but we were asked to do it nonetheless.  I have read entire books on the Medieval church, the lives of St. Antony and St. Francis.  Heck, I wrote a 10 page paper on Francis of Assisi.  Last week alone, I took four three hour finals.  All in 10 weeks.

I'm exhausted!

And next Monday, I get to turn around and start it all again!  More Hebrew, more Old Testament, adding in the New Testament and moving on from the early church to the Reformation. Perhaps I'll put some of that rusty German to use reading some of Luther's work in the original language.  It would be the first time those years of German in high school and college would be actually useful (short of translating the German soldiers in Indiana Jones movies.)

I spent a good portion of the last two or three weeks planning how I should drop the kids off on their grandmother's porch.  It's probably for the best we didn't have any giant boxes sitting around to leave them in. Don't judge. People do it with kittens and puppies all the time. That's only slightly less awful.

We bought our dog a Thundershirt.  While it does nothing to curb her over the top excitability, it has worked wonders for her separation anxiety. The poor animal has not adjusted well to me being out of the house every day.  She ate a sofa cushion a couple weeks ago.

I'm hoping to have at least one book review for you all this week while I'm on break.  Otherwise, I'm taking it easy, laying low and trying to recover from a sinus infection that has been getting worse and worse as my stress level has been rising.

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  1. Baby Sis10:33 AM

    The Indiana Jones bit is hilarious! I've also told people that's the extent of my German!