Friday, September 16, 2011

Week in review

Whew!  I can't believe that was a whole week!  This was our first full five-day school week.  It was a total whirlwind, but overall, it gives me confidence about the year to come.

  • My son had no potty accidents at school all week.  This is a pretty big deal for him.  He's the littlest guy in the class (he made the cut off date by exactly 2 weeks) and he's never been to school before at all.  He's made the transition like a champ, no doubt.
  • My big kid is loving her school.  She's having a few issues getting used to a middle school homework/responsibility load, but considering the fall transition is always pretty hard for her, she's doing really well.
  • My darling little kindergartener is enjoying being back at school.  She has a rough time adjusting from summer schedule to school schedule, but she's having great days at school.  She's just a bit crabby by the time we get home.
  • I seriously (no joke) already had my first Hebrew quiz and now we're reading Genesis 22. . . in Hebrew. And you know what?  I love it.  I am so thankful for the fact that I've studied a couple other languages because I really think that helps.  Sure, there's a whole new alphabet, but I really like just diving in and reading.  It's so much more natural than the "traditional" way of learning foreign languages.  And yeah, I aced the quiz.  Plus some.
  • I don't know why it seemed like a good idea to schedule a carpet cleaning this week.  "Hey, I have a great idea!  How about during the first full week of grad school, I'll schedule an appointment that requires me to both be home during the appointment and to clean at least part of the house ahead of time!"  Dummy. At least the carpets don't smell like dog anymore. For now.
  • Speaking of the dog. . . she hasn't eaten anything stupid yet, knock on wood.  She howls when I leave the house, but she seems to be behaving herself until we get home.  That said, I was dumb enough to schedule several things in the afternoons this week that meant there were only two days during which noone was home all day.
  • My son is having one notable problem at school.  In hindsight, I probably should have mentioned his. . . well. . . tendency to his teachers.  They have had to assign one of the kindergarten boys in his class to help keep track of him when they are in line going from one place to another.  It seems he's been wandering off and joining whatever other class currently looks more interesting.  This comes as no surprise at all to me.  In fact, I'm ashamed to say I had a hard time not giggling when the teacher told me about it.  My son is a bit of a vanishing act.  He'll be standing next to you one moment and after you blink, he's out getting ready to cross the street.  We have set the chimes on our security alarm, we've locked the gates in the yard and we are constantly asking everyone, "Where's Levi?"  On more than one occasion, he's tried to leave church without us when we're chatting after the service.  I'm still hoping he'll outgrow this.
  • I've done several bulleted posts like this lately, haven't I?  It's been a long week, give me a break.  
  • Tonight, we unwind.  We're going to put on "Despicable Me" (yes, we're the only people on the planet who haven't seen it yet.)We're going to pop popcorn and we're just going to hang out.  
  • Tomorrow, hubby is going out for the first weekend of bow hunting season.  He started hunting last year.  He's not so great at the finding part yet, but he's spent much time hunting.  Maybe he'll actually find and catch something this year.  That would be yummy.
  • Monday, I'll be reviewing The King Jesus Gospel by Scot McKnight. Keep an eye out.  It's an awesome book so far and I'm only about halfway through!

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