Wednesday, September 07, 2011


So. . . you've heard about the middle schooler and the preschooler and the seminarian and you're probably wondering what happened to the kindergartener.  I'm not neglecting my middle child.  She just didn't start school until today.  And really, it's not as big of a transition as it sounds like for her.  Since our kids go to a Montessori school, she's in the same classroom this year as she was last year.  Same teacher, classmates, everything.  None of us had any anxiety about her starting and her teacher gave a hearty thumbs up to her performance today. Since I don't have anything too exciting to report about her day today, I'll share some adorable photos of her first day of kindergarten and a few hilarious things she said the past couple days.  She's always good for a laugh. Also. . . note carefully the position and demeanor of the baby brother in these pictures.  It tells a whole other funny story.

 Doctor: Gloria, what do you think is hard about school?
Gloria: Getting out of conversations with (names withheld for privacy) when they start talking to me.
 Doctor: Do you wear a seat belt and sit in a booster seat?
Gloria: Yes.  We always buckle up in the car because my mom drives FAST.
 Gloria: I'm just the best kid in the class and the teachers know it.
 Gloria:  It's so much better in the car when it's just you and me.  You're not annoying like brothers and sisters are.  5 year olds are not annoying, but 3 year olds and 11 year olds are very, very annoying.
 Gloria: I don't know what his problem is.  He knows that boys can't be in their sister's first day of kindergarten pictures.  GEEZ!

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