Thursday, September 01, 2011


There comes a point where there are too many "orientations" in a persons life within a small period of time and the net result is complete and utter disorientation.  I have found this limit.   The limit seems to be somewhere in the vicinity of 2 hours of middle school orientation, three back to school welcome events and an hour of orientation/developmental assessments on top of 24 hours of seminary orientation.  If you see me wandering confused and aimless somewhere on the streets of Pittsburgh, please do me the kindness of pointing me back in the direction of either my home or the seminary.  I'm probably going to be spending roughly equal amounts of time in both places for the next 3 years.

So. . . here are some highlights:
  • The seminary orientation, while long and packed with more information than my poor tiny brain can keep in, is good overall.  I have two days down, one to go.  Tim joined me as my moral support for the first part of yesterday's orientation, which was nice.  By the end of the day, the Geneva ADCP grads of '11 were making a strong showing, however with THREE of us (out of a total of about 8 that graduated in May) starting at PTS this week.  We also bumped into a man from my in-laws' church. It was nice to have familiar faces there to sit with while this poor, shy extrovert started to get her bearing.  It also helped that Melissa was there (harried as she was, working on her ordination exams-think pastoral bar exam only harder) to provide another face I knew.  I was also blown away that my admissions counselor, who I hadn't seen in person since last fall, recognized me in the cafeteria and welcomed me by name.  Today, I was comfortable enough in my surroundings to pass on my phone number to THREE NEW FRIENDS: a fellow marathon runner, another mom of three and another woman struggling with people's response to a woman called to church leadership.
  • My oldest was stark raving mad with excitement over starting middle school today. There is no way to describe it.  You have to experience it for yourself. 
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  • I think that sending my oldest off to middle school was worse than kindergarten.  Seriously.  Worse.  With kindergarten, they're still all cute and they are a little more grown up, but they are still tiny, adorable children.  Middle school kids are neither of those things.  They are just plain big.  Now, the fun part is that she's old enough that it's fun to embarrass her on purpose now.  I yelled very, very loudly as she got on the bus.  I took a million photos.  

  • My little baby. . . this little baby who they didn't think would live long enough to be born. . . the one who has overcome monstrous odds to be alive, let alone healthy and normal with two hands. . . he met his first teacher today.  I'm pretty proud of how well I kept my composure in that moment.  I think the teacher noticed me tear a little and was really sweet about it.  I may have gushed on his developmental history paper about what a special little kid he is.  (By "may have" I mean "totally did.") Tomorrow, I'll see that sweet little guy off on his first day of preschool.  His clothes are laid out.  His Buzz Lightyear backpack is ready to go (I was going to sew backpacks this year and it just didn't get done.)  I have the camera ready.  You will be assaulted with 4572 pictures of the boy who lived on his first day of preschool tomorrow.  That's a promise. And I'm going to stop on this topic now before I start crying.  Again.

  • My dog is a nervous wreck.  If there is a house left standing here by the end of the month, it'll be a miracle.  Sparkle is a people person.  She is spoiled rotten.  She's never had to be home alone for the whole day on a regular basis.  She's so attached because we've just always been here that she suffers separation anxiety.  I figured that today is just a three day week and it'll probably not start to get to her until next week. Today she's gotten all shaky and clingy.  Sigh.  I need the dog whisperer.  She's going to be a total mess next week.

  • In closing, this is what happens when you leave the video camera within a child's reach and leave the room for a minute.

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