Saturday, September 03, 2011

Book Review and Contest: The Daughter's Walk

The Daughter's Walk
a novel by Jane Kirkpatrick

The Daughter's Walk tells the tale of Clara Etsby, a young woman who reluctantly follows her Norwegian immigrant mother on a trek to walk across the United State of America as a way to raise awareness for women's rights and to raise money to save the family farm from foreclosure.  The story doesn't end with the end of the women's walk, however.  On their return, both Clara and her mother, Helga, find they have much to learn about family, sacrifice and forgiveness.  While the book is based on real events, it is a novel and there are fictional characters and events woven throughout.

I've had this book on my wishlist for a while, so I was happy when it popped up on my list of books to review.  It was not at all what I expected- but that's not a bad thing.  The women's walk from Spokane, WA to New York City is only the first half of the book. At first, I thought that perhaps it should have ended there, but once I got into the second part of the book I knew that so much of great importance would have been lost had that been the case.

While the overall tone of the book gets a little preachy at times, it's not as overt and forced as many novels that are touted as being "Christian."  I rolled my eyes a few times, but only a few.  And the story and characters had me so wrapped up that I didn't mind.  They had me so wrapped up, in fact, that I spent my entire afternoon today and most of the evening reading this book because I didn't want to put down.

I strongly recommend this book as a great vacation or holiday read.   It is intelligent and interesting, but fast moving and enjoyable all at the same time.  You are left with plenty to think about without having to think to hard to get to the meat of it.  If you're looking for a new novel to get into, make it a point to pick up a copy of The Daughter's Walk.

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