Friday, August 26, 2011

Squirrely week. . .

Here is a little week in review for you:

  1. Monday was relatively uneventful.
  2. Tuesday was wildly eventful.  I woke up to find one of the children had turned the dome light in the car to "on" and it had been on all day and all night.  In other words- my battery was shot.  (Here is the post I posted about the battery. . . if I'd only known then what I know now!) I managed to get it juiced enough to get up and running- with the knowledge that I'd need a brand new battery very. . . very soon- only to get a flat tire in the afternoon.  Not just a little flat.  This was a "stupid *&#( old metal Pittsburgh curb sliced in half tire" flat.  In other words- I had to get a new tire while I was getting the new battery.  Did I mention that Tim was in New Jersey for work?  Everything breaks when he's out of town for work. 
  3. Just for giggles, let's list the things that have broken while dear Hubby is out of town: the drier, the dishwasher, the car, the ceiling fan, the toilet, the kitchen sink, the dishwasher again, the new drier, and my aunt.
  4. Wednesday, my sister in law had to go to the ER (she's fine) and I unexpectedly had my nephews for the day.  There's nothing wrong with that, it just totally turned my plans for the day around.  They were certainly more important than anything I had planned.  And it was a good thing the car had broken the day before and not that day, so that I could actually watch them for her.  
  5. When I had the nephews, we checked out My Little Outback in Squirrel Hill.  I am not putting a full review up right now, but holy crap is that place awesome!  Coffee shop + free wifi + indoor playground within view of said coffee shop = sheer brilliance!  We'll see how the school year goes, but you may hear me talking about buying a membership there soon.
  6. Yes, in number 3, I listed my aunt in that list of things that have broken when hubby's been out of town.  Yesterday morning (Tim got back last night), my aunt went in for a simple, routine procedure and very unexpectedly pulled a code blue.  Scared the snot out of all of us, especially after losing my uncle just a few weeks ago.  Short story: they revived her and are putting her on a battery of new meds and she's going to be just fine.  In her words, "I guess I'll be around for a few more day."  She won't mind me saying that I'm pretty sure she's just ornery enough that she'll be around for a few more decades.  And I'm really glad that she is.
  7. Today, I spent the morning at the hospital.  
  8. Did you know that in the 22 miles of Route 65 between Pittsburgh and Beaver, there are like 6 or 7 construction zones with lane closures right now?  I didn't until I drove to Beaver today.  I was thrilled.
  9. To sum it up, here is a shameless plug.  Check out my fabulous step-father's blog at:

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