Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shoe Review: Reebok Realflex

I've been running for a while now and I've never done a review of a running shoe.  I have had ones I like, but I've never felt really strongly about a shoe.  Until today.

The other night, I went in to replace my poor, ratty (and now retired) Sauconys.  In two years, the Saucony Grids are the only shoe that's even remotely worked for me.  And then they caused my tendinitis.  They just cut in a really bad place on the front of my ankle and it damaged the tendon.  They were otherwise a good shoe.  So when I went to buy a new shoe, my mission was to find something that had a really soft and low-cut upper so that my tendon could both heal and stay that way.  I also blister REALLY easily, so hotspots are a big issue for me.

I tried on the toe shoes.  I know some people swear by them. . . I can't do it.  Too weird.  I have a foot thing.

Then. . . I tried on these:

These lovely shoes are the Reebok Realflex.  And they are life changing.

I did three miles of hard intervals on these shiny new, unbroken shoes this morning and I didn't have a single blister or hotspot.  My leg?  Totally pain free.  We're not just talking manageable, we're talking totally pain free.

These shoes make me want to write haiku.

My new running shoes
They are like running on clouds
My leg does not hurt!

Yes.  They are a more minimal shoe than most of the majorly padded running shoes you see out there, but there is alot of medical research out there that suggests that too much padding actually has a negative effect on a body.  I'm not going to get into that debate on this blog.  The only bone/muscle issue I have is the tendonitis and I can attest that these are already working wonders on that.

I'll also mention that Reebok has no idea who I am and I paid full price for these shoes (they aren't cheap) and I'm still willing to sing their praises on the old bloggeroonie.  This isn't because I want to advertise the company, it's just because I'm so damned happy I ran three pain free miles today!  (Although, if anyone at Reebok sees this post and wants me to plug their shoes more in exchange for them tossing another pair of 9.5's my way, I won't complain!)

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