Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Seriously, I Need Your Help

I think we've all noticed that I LOVE reviewing books.  Seriously?  I get a free copy of a book in exchange for reading it in a timely manner and telling you all what I think about it?  DEAL!  Anyway, I love the Blogging for Books site, which is one of the ones I review through.  The catch there is. . . the better my ranking is, the more books they make available to me.  I get why they do it.  But recently, they had people gaming the system and getting falsely high rankings, so everyone had to start back at 0.  It's annoying, but I understand it. The net result is that my ranking sucks now and I need some people to rank my reviews there and help me out here.  So please, help a girl out. . . take a sec to rank my reviews on their site.  I'll be eternally grateful.  Hopefully I'll soon be able to start doing some book giveaways as well, but again. . . gotta have a higher ranking.  Thanks!

Click here to rank my reviews.  (It'll just take a moment, I promise.)

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