Thursday, August 04, 2011

David Howard Richards 1940-2011

There are some people who leave a hole in the Earth when they go home.
Some people make you smile just thinking about them.
Even though you know they are in a better place, you can't help but be sad that the world feels a little less good without them.
Sometimes, a person is a connection to days gone by.
They remind you of simpler times.
Sometimes, you love a person like that so much you post a picture on your blog that dates you.  Big time.
Hello, late 70's.
Some people will always be missed.
There are some people who loved telling stories so much that telling stories is the best way to honor them.

The Great Bear Hunt
Like the story about the time my daughter pulled a fast one on him.
He thought he tricked her first.
But she had his number.
She led him around the house looking for the bears he'd told her lurked.
The great bear hunt kept them both busy
Until she told him. . .
She knew there were no bears
But he was having so much fun. . .

David Howard Richards - Obituaries:: "David Howard Richards, 71, of Economy, died August 3, 2011, in
his home."

Thanks to everyone for condolences and for asking how we're doing.  My family is doing well.  We had a long time to prepare.  I think that the overwhelming emotions this week are relief that he's no longer in pain, praise that he lived long enough to see my cousin (his daughter) pass her nursing boards and exhaustion from a really. . . really. . . long week.  Those who were with him at the hospital and the last couple days at home are exhausted from that and those of us who would have just been in the way there just haven't slept much because we've all felt like we've been on high alert.

My uncle will be dearly missed as he was loved by many (they are having the service at his church because the funeral home will not be able to hold the expected turn out.)  But he is in a much better place now.  There is a welcome celebration going on right now and he's with my Aunt Linda again- right where he belongs.

Your prayers are deeply appreciated.  If you would like to send condolences, please do so in the form of donations to Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry, 311 11th St., Ambridge, PA 15003. My uncle was a faithful employee there and they have been incredibly kind and wonderful to the entire family.  They were a huge support 4 years ago when my aunt passed away and they have been by his side the entire time he was battling cancer the past year.

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