Sunday, July 10, 2011

Woman Stand Up

He said:
Stand up!
Get back up on your feet.
You are better than that.

She replied
In a weathered voice:
I’m too worn down.
My legs aren’t going to work anymore.
How am I to stand?

The Father replied
In His still small way:
I know you are weary,
But I gave you your strength.
I gave you strong legs
And capable hands.
Woman, stand up!

Teetering precariously on her travel weary feet,
The woman began to stand.
Clutching Her Lord for dear life,
She stood.
Weeping at the realization of her own strength,
She stood.


He said:
Put one foot in front of the other.
You have places to go.

She replied
Still so unsure:
Isn’t standing enough?
I am already a victory.
I can’t do much more.

The Master replied,
Endlessly patient:
I am by your side,
And you can hold my hand.
I made you to walk
And travel afar.

Coaxing her purpled body to move her feet,
The woman began to walk.
Holding His hand as He said,
She walked.
Astonished by the actualization of His words,
She walked.


He said
Speak up.
You must tell of your life.
Others are waiting to hear.

She replied
Timidly at first:
Nobody cares to listen to me.
What have I to say?

The Potter replied
To His wayward clay:
But I gave you your voice.
I sculpted your life
For times like this.
Speak up!

Teaching ever cautiously before a skeptical room,
The woman began to speak.
Listening closely for guidance,
She spoke.
Prophesying before an ever increasing crowd,
She spoke.


He said:
There you are!
I knew you were in there.
Walk tall.

She replied
With grace and confidence:
I am ready now.
Tell me what you want next.
What’s my next task?

The Rabbi replied
In a gentle voice:
The harvest is plenty
There is much work ahead.
But take a moment first
And see yourself.
There you are!

Turning slowly toward the mirror He held,
The woman saw herself.
Gasping with astonishment
She saw.
Weeping at the realization of her own beauty,
She saw.


He said                                            
Well done.
You have faithfully served.
Welcome home.

Copyright 2011
Charissa Clark Howe
All Rights Reserved

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  1. Wow Charissa! Very powerful and moving! I love you!