Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Independent Children

Lexi has an overnight for her museum camp tonight.  I gave her the list of things to bring and sent her to pack her own bags last night.  Other than forgetting a hairbrush, she did well.  

This weekend, the kids will be going for their annual "Grammy Camp" at my mom's house for a few days.  Gloria and Levi are so excited about "Grammy Camp" this weekend that they followed their big sister's example and packed their own bags this afternoon.  

Gloria packed (in a brown paper bag from the yarn shop) fall clothes and pajamas, as well as her new Ariel toothbrush.  No underwear or summer clothes.  

Levi packed (in a plastic Easter bucket) a piece of wooden train track, a sippy cup, two hangers and some Legos.  

I think they're all set. . .

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