Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I love it when Jehovah's Witnesses come to my door.

I love it when Jehovah's Witnesses come to my door.  There is, in all honesty, not a drop of sarcasm in that sentence.  Think about this.  We as Christians are called to spread the Gospel to all the nations, yet we all (or nearly all) freeze up at the idea of talking to strangers about our faith and/or testimony.  And let's face it, if you just walk up to random strangers on the street, you have about a 2% chance of not being met with suspicion, patronizing responses and/or hostility.  That's not a hard figure there, I'm guessing, based on my experiences in Harlem and Central Park.  Anyway. . . what is the perfect circumstance under which to share your story with a complete stranger?  How about when a complete stranger shows up at your door to talk about religion?  See where I'm going with this?

I love sharing the Gospel Truth with Jehovah's Witnesses when they show up at my door.  I love the look of surprise on their face when I offer them cold water or hot coffee (depending on the time of year and if they are sweating or shivering).  I love how excited they look when I engage in the conversation.  I love the puzzlement I'm met with when I start sharing my excitement about what God's done in my life.  Hey. . . they asked!  And I love that they generally really do listen to what I have to say.  I've never been met with argument or judgement or anything like that.  I usually just wind up having a nice chance to share the joy of Jesus in my life!  

Seriously. . . next time they show up at your door, try not ignoring them.  Try being nice.  I sincerely think that Jesus would have opened the door, offered them a cookie and told them how much God loves them.  

In To Be Perfectly Honest, the author has a really funny sequence of events in which he engages in emailing someone who has sent him a phishing email to send them money.  He pretends to be all excited about visiting them in the hospital and collecting the money in person, etc.  I love it.  It spoke to whatever part of me loves engaging with door to door JW's when they come around.  That, "Hey. . . you approached me. Let's talk." attitude.  (Remember Barbibot?) I got an email today that I couldn't resist.

From: Kimberly Potter
Dear friend,       I ordered one apple macbook pro 17 inches from this website (Link Omitted By Me on Purpose) one week ago, today I've got it, Amazingly, the macbook is new and original with the sealed box. what's more surprised, the price is much cheaper than the market, I am so glad to share this good news with you, this web can provide you all kinds of electronic products, and now if you are one of the first 50 customsers, then you can get the 5% discount. If you are interested in anything, do not hesitated to take action.
Best regards!  

I replied:

Hey, Kimberly! It's good to hear from you! It's been so long! I think the last time we spoke was at least fifteen years ago. Are you still in the area? I would love to get together for coffee and see your new computer. You must be pretty excited about it to email me after all these years just to tell me about it. You know me, I need to see something firsthand before buying. How much did you pay for your new macbook?
Boy am I glad you're not still holding a grudge. That was some fight we had! This sounds like a sweet deal. When can we meet up?

I wonder if I'll hear back from her.

Edit, 11:28 am: My email bounced back.  So I wrote to the other email address in the "to" field: 

Hey, I just got the below email from Kimberly Potter!  Can you believe she found me?  That's so cool.  Anyway, I guess her inbox must be full or something because I tried to reply and the email bounced.  Can you pass this on to her? 

I'll be sure to keep you posted.

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