Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day Got Me Thinking. . .

Yeah, I'm a few days late with a Father's Day post.  Sue me.  I remembered to call my dad, OK?  You can ask him if you don't believe me.

So anyway, a few days before Father's Day, I was on the cross trainer at the gym, like I do.  I have a confession to make about the elliptical machine:  I really love it.  Seriously.  I crank up dance tunes on my iPod and have a great time.  I know plenty of people who really hate the elliptical, but I think it's GREAT. There I was, rocking out on the machine, pedaling backwards and the works when it hit me:

It would be so fun to be a personal trainer!

Yes. . . this from the woman who just over 2 years ago would do anything to avoid exercise of any sort. Now I'm thinking I need to inflict it on other people because I love it so much.

I began wondering what it takes to become a licensed personal trainer.  I wouldn't even want to work full time as a trainer, just sort-of-time. It would be the journey to getting there that would rock.

Then I started laughing.  Yes: I laughed out loud at myself while on the elliptical.  They know not to wonder about me anymore at the gym.  I spend 4-6 hours a week there.  They've seen it all.

I have a family.  And pets.  And I'm an elder at church.  And I'm starting seminary full time in a couple months.  And I can and freeze all our own veggies and jams for the winter.  And I have a garden to take care of.  And I sew much of our clothing and household linens.  I even clean the house from time to time.  Let's also not forget that I work out for my own self that aforementioned 4-6 hours/week.  I'm in two Bible study groups.  I just joined a monthly book club.

How in the whole wide world would I possibly manage personal trainer certification (or whatever the official term is) on top of that?  What would even make me think a ridiculous thing like that?

Genetics, that's what.

My grandfather, Norman Nellis Clark was a bit of a jack of all trades (and by "a bit of," I mean, "onehelluva").  In fact, if anyone ever asked me what he did for a living, I think I'd probably answer "yes."  He sold blimps for a while.  He was in the military.  He fancied himself a musician, even writing music and getting really excited about "midi" when it first became available and spent hours trying to get his keyboard and computer to talk to one another.  The list goes on.  You name it and my granddad probably dabbled in it.  Photography?  Got one of his hanging in my son's room.  Video editing?  I have a DVD called "Norm Narrates Pittsburgh."  It's a strange video, but hilarious if you knew my granddad.

If you look at my resume, it reads a bit like his.  It's like I have some drive to test out all the things he never quite got to.  I've been a retail manager, a knitting and crochet instructor, an administrative and executive assistant, a stay at home mom and director of a girls' mentoring program.  I was initially accepted into college for musical theater, but went for biology, then computer animation before finally settling on ministry.  Now I'm headed to seminary and have crazy thoughts like, "Maybe I should look into becoming a personal trainer."

Granddad, if you have internet access in heaven- I'm sure you've found my blog.  You never could resist a new trend in computers.  So, if you're reading this. . . know that I'm keeping your legacy alive.  Sarah's on her second master's degree right now and is also working to know a little bit about everything.  I love you and miss you and think about you often- especially around Father's Day and when I have cockamamie ideas like adding "personal trainer school" to my to-do list.

To everyone else: if you have been thinking about hiring a personal trainer, please don't mention it to me.

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