Thursday, June 02, 2011

Book Review: Love and War

I have been reviewing a great many books of late. A few have been real stinkers.  Most are at least pretty good. Some have been really thought provoking and wonderful.  The book I'm reviewing today falls solidly into that last category.

Love and War
By John & Staci Eldridge
Marriage books can be a touchy subject for many people and my home is no exception.  Most of them are full of psychology techniques and classic marriage counseling communication tools.  When you're a person with vocational passion for helping and healing people like I do, that stuff seems great!  To much of the rest of the world, this seems like a bunch of hooey.  You either love these books or hate them.  And when you have one person in a marriage who loves them and one who hates them. . . it's not pretty.

Love and War is different.  It is approached from a Christian worldview, but instead of giving psychology and counseling with a few "God says" thrown in, the premise of the book is finding how to fit faith into your marriage in a healthy way.  This book is about building one another up in a way that will strengthen both your marriage and your faith.

I love the way that John and Staci tag-team in the book.  The joint authorship approach for a book on marriage is refreshing and adds a dimension to the book that many are missing.  Too often, I read a book on marriage and family while thinking, "What can this man possibly know about being a wife and mother?"  John Eldridge readily admits that marriage is a team effort, and that he needs his wife to approach the issues in marriage with a fair and realistic perspective.

This book will remain on my shelf, that is for certain.  It will be recommended to friends and it will be read time and time again as my marriage keeps moving on in time and growing and changing.  I already have a few friends that I plan on buying copies for, I feel so strongly that married Christians need to read this book.

I'm obligated to tell you that I received a review copy of this book as part of the Blogging for Books program.  I really did love it, though.  I'm not just saying it because of the freebie. 

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