Friday, June 03, 2011

Book Review: Johann Sebastian Bach

Last book review of the week.  I'm trying to get alot in over the summer before I start school and have to start reading books other people tell me to read, rather than ones I feel like reading.

Johann Sebastian Bach
by Rick Marschall

If you're looking for an action-packed little summer book to take on vacation, this is not the book you are looking for (picture me here waving my hands like a Jedi).  If you are a music lover and would like to learn a little bit more about the man who created some of the greatest music ever written, this one's for you.  It is not the most entertaining book, but it is fascinating and educational.

Marschall begins by setting the stage for Bach's life.  He describes the time period, the church's involvement in common life and other general information about the era in which Bach was alive.  He then moves on to talk about Bach's family and life.

The author seems to have done his research and has put together a competent biography. He paints a clear picture of the life and times of a great composer.  I can always appreciate this sort of book and it's a great one to have around for the kids later on as they are starting to do research papers and book reports on specific genres.  This one is relevant and accessible, especially for musicians.

I appreciated this book and learned some interesting things about Bach's life, as well as developing a clearer picture of the things that inspired him to write his music. I liked it so much, I may make my daughter read it the next time she has to do a biographical book report.

To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, I need to mention  that BookSneeze® has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

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