Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An 11 Year Old's Wishlist

Birthday season is upon us.  Our kids' birthdays are all in the summer and the first one is coming up in just a few weeks.  As soon as we start planning anything for the first birthday, they all go birthday-crazy.  Alexis will turn 11 in July, but she's already planning what she wants this year by way of gifts and celebration. This evening, she gave me her birthday wishlist.  She is that hilarious age at which the completely normal begins to take hold a bit, but is starkly contrasted by the complete absurdity that bumps up against it.  This list is a beautiful example of that funny combination of traits.

  1. Nancy Drews 22 & up I'm totally down with this.  She is way into reading Nancy Drew and I think it's great.
  2. Laptop What 11 year old needs their own laptop?  The only reason I'm getting my very own laptop soon is that I'll be starting grad school in the fall. 
  3. Zoobles
  4. Zoobles playsets I find zoobles weird, but kind of cute.  This is completely reasonable.
  5. Zhu zhus
  6. Zhu zhu playsets At this point in the list, I began thinking that the laptop thing was just one wildly ridiculous item and she was going to be, for the most part, realistic.
  7. Monster High dolls and playsets Creepy, but less so than Barbie dolls.
  8. Easel, paint boards, paintbrushes, artist robe, paint tray I love how she forgets the paint.  I'll get her the paint, though.
  9. Camera Uh. . . maybe, but pushing it.
  10. 3ds We are strict about video games around here.  My husband more so than I.  But she knows that there is no chance we are going to buy her this for her birthday.  There are so many better things to spend several hundred dollars on for her.
  11. iPad Seriously?  So much for realism.  If there is anyone out there reading this who thinks an iPad for an 11 year old is reasonable, I'd recommend re-evaluating your lifestyle and level of sanity.  You're either too rich and irresponsible, out of your mind, or you know nothing about 11 year olds.
  12. A pet ferret Because a dog, two cats, a fish tank and three butterfly gardens aren't enough.
  13. Snuggimals If anyone can tell me what these are, I'd be greatly appreciative.
  14. Black nail polish I'm raising a goth.  I guess there are worse things she could be growing up into.  At least she's not turning into a politician.
  15. Nancy Drew ds games At least she's ending on a reasonable note.


  1. Snuggimals are by Hasbro FURREAL Snuggimals. They have them at Target. Not super expensive $7.

  2. Krissy1:30 AM

    Maybe she's being devious? Thinking if she throws in some really absurd stuff she knows she won't get she'll be more likely to get some of the rest?