Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thirsty Thursday: Telling Your Story

Sometimes it's clear that God is weaving a theme of learning into your life.  For example: everywhere I turn lately, the theme is story and identity.  Who am I?  What am I best suited for?  How has where I've been fit with where I'm going?  Where am I going?  Where should I be going?  Sermons at church, lessons at Bible study, books I've picked up to read out of my queue, even our church's family retreat.  It's all been about purpose, identity, calling, telling your story.

I've told a great deal of my personal story here on this blog. Not too terribly long ago, I posted this post about a major trauma from my past and how I've dealt with it.  It was just about the time of that post that all this story and identity stuff started falling out of the sky around me.

I just finished reading To Be Told by Dan Allender.  It's a good book that I'd recommended to anyone struggling with call, identity or how to hear God speaking into their lives.  In this book, he talks about how we don't share our stories enough, but that we really all crave story.  I've seen this to be true in how excited people get to be asked about themselves in the Monday Morning Interviews.  Even the people who think they are "boring" or "ordinary" have extraordinary stories to tell when you ask the right questions.

So, here is my challenge today.  Choose one or more of the following prompts and share a story with me.  You can post the whole thing as a comment or post it in your blog and comment with the link.  (If you're here from my facebook link, please comment here rather than on facebook- it's easier to keep track of.)  Let's just celebrate telling stories to one another.

  • Tell a story about being rescued or rescuing someone.
  • Tell about a time you narrowly escaped death.
  • Tell about a miracle that happened in your life.
  • Tell about a time you know that God was speaking to you.
  • Tell a story about sacrifice.
  • Tell a story about betrayal.
  • Tell a story about true love.
  • Tell a story about redemption.

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