Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Challenge

I decided yesterday that to celebrate spring break this week, I'm going to make Easter dresses for the girls and myself.  We're also getting family photos taken, so I found a coordinating shirt for the little guy and bizarrely enough, my monochromatic husband happened to have exactly the right shade of green in his wardrobe.  It's a shirt I have teased him about for quite some time now.  I call it "flagrantly green" but he prefers the term, "violently green."

Anyway, my point is that I'm making dresses.  And I got about half of Lexi's done today when I realized I need to go replenish my store of bias tape.  So I started on Gloria's while that went into the waiting bin until I get to the store.  And then I finished Gloria's.  It's a pretty basic pattern and it's in nice and easy to sew seersucker.  Last year when the seersucker went on ridiculous clearance, I stocked up for this year.

Here is the first Easter dress of the week.


  1. First of all, Gloria is adorable! Second of all, the dress is amazing! Third, the girls will never forget that their mom made them their Easter dresses! Very cool!

  2. Sarah (Little Sis)10:55 AM

    Continuing the tradition of homemade Easter dresses! :-) And I love Gloria's little pose in the second photo. Nice job!