Friday, March 04, 2011

Spoiler Alert: There is no Easter Bunny

You know what really gets under my skin?  Besides blisters when I'm breaking in new running shoes. . . people who have the nerve to walk up to children they don't know and spout nonsense at them about Santa Claus and such and/or scold their behavior.  I'm not here to get into the Santa debate (or Easter Bunny/ Tooth Fairy/etc), but I think it's really incredibly rude to walk up to a child and assume their parents are ok with telling them they're cruising to get coal in their stocking because a fat myth in a red suit has his creepy little minions watching them.  I also think there are cases where a parent is clearly clueless or negligent, but those are rare.

Here's the scenario.  I was in the pharmacy picking up ibuprofin and antibiotics for my poor little guy with an ear infection.  The four year old was whining and complaining that I wouldn't buy her any silly bands or candy and the little guy was trying to climb out of the cart.  It was totally normal kid stuff and I'm a veteran and had it completely under control.  A woman I've never seen before in my life approached the children and said, "Hey, you'd better stop giving your mom a hard time because the Easter Bunny is coming soon." 
  1. How does she know we're not Jewish or Muslim or Buddhist?  
  2. I'm sorry, do I know you?  Are we close friends that you can just jump in with a scolding at my kids?  I don't know you and you are over the line.  If I'm not paying attention to them and they are running amok, that's different.  And yes, I know she thought she was "helping," but really? I'm sorry, it's rude to walk up to children you don't know, in the presence of a parent, and scold their behavior- especially when it's just normal kid stuff.  It's not like my kids were shoplifting.  They were just a little whiny.
  3. Easter is well over a month away.  I'm just saying. . . 
You know me. . . I didn't say anything to the woman.  It would have been just as rude for me to say something snarky as it was for her to say what she did.  Of course, you know my kids. . . the look the woman got from both of them was flat out hilarious.  It was a combination of disbelief, confusion and pity.  I couldn't get an exact read on the emotion behind their funny stares that chased the woman off until she was out of earshot and Gloria leaned over to me and whispered, "Doesn't she know there's no such thing as the Easter Bunny?"

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