Friday, March 11, 2011

It's Friday I'm in Love: With Spring

Overall, I loathe winter and love spring.  Especially when we have super long, draining winters like this one.  It's been full of snow, bad roads and illnesses.  Often all of the above have happened in the same day. Spring feels fresh, warm and new.  You can open the windows up and let the house air out from germs.  You can wear cute shoes again.  You can run in shorts (big deal for me.) 

Winter isn't all bad, though.  I thought in honor of winter being nearly over (I'm being optimistic here), I'd mention a few things that I'll miss about winter until it comes around again. Good bye for now to:
  • The sound of little kids running in courderoy pants.
  • Hot tea in the afternoon.
  • My boots.  Ask anyone.  I LOVE cute boots.
  • Wearing handknits.  Yeah.  There are some you can wear through spring, but we're getting to the point in the year where handknit garment usage tapers.
  • Cuddly cats snuggling under the blankets at night.
  • The excitement in my kids' eyes when they find out they have a snow day.
What will you miss about winter?

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