Sunday, January 09, 2005

CC's cabled poncho

EDIT: 04/13/2007: You can find a easy to read and print version of this pattern now here.

OK, this is way easy to make, takes no time at all and is super cute! This is also the first original design I've done, so I am very excited it turned out this well! This can be worn with the point in front, back or side and can be worn around the shoulders or the waist!


  1. i love, love, LOVE it! thank you for posting ~ it is so fabulous! you should be so proud of yourself for such a dope design. thanks for sharing... :)

  2. Anonymous3:59 PM

    oh my gosh!!! that is so cute! i just learned how to cable a few days ago and it's so fun to do! i've been looking for a pattern for something with cables and i'm glad i found one! thanks so much! it's adorable! great job!


  3. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Wonderful poncho-great design. Patti

  4. Anonymous1:38 AM


    I think your poncho is everything you claimed it be - and I shall therefore use this pattern to make one to myself:-) If I remember it I'll post you a photo of it when it's finished

  5. Oooh. I like it. It looks really good on you, too. And, it got me thinking about the question you posted on knitlist about the glasses case - cables on it could be cool.

    A note about cables (which I am learning at the moment but too cheap to buy a cable needle for): do a google for cabling without a cable needle or something to that effect, and you will get some nice instructions for knitting cables without an extra needle. I know you can find one at somewhere. Very handy to know!

  6. Anonymous9:53 AM

    So, I said I would never make a poncho, but yours is tempting me! And I think I have the perfect yarn in my stash too... darn you! :)


  7. love your poncho...

  8. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Your poncho pattern is wonderful. I am putting together a Knitting Ponchos class and would love to use your pattern as one the students could choose from. Would you please email me at

    Jo Ellyn in Oklahoma City